BBK Electronics Introduces BitTorrent Certified TVS, Blu-ray/DVD Players and Media Adapters in Russia

Certified BBK devices will help users find, play and move high-quality personal media files around the living room

LAS VEGAS, NV (January 9, 2012) —BBK Electronics, one of the leading providers of consumer electronics in Russia, and BitTorrent, a leading peer-based technology company, today announced a partnership to develop BitTorrent Certified devices for the Russian market. The two companies will jointly demo device prototypes at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

BBK's Certified devices will include TVs, Blu-ray/DVD players and media adapters. These new devices will enable consumers to find, play, share and move all types of personal media, effectively freeing high-quality digital files from the PC so they can be played in the living room.

"Our customers would like to easily playback hi-def content on their TVs and share it with friends. Now thanks to BitTorrent Certification, BBK devices are equipped with a compelling technology ecosystem for personal media," said Evgeny Zemskov, Deputy Head of the Representative Office of BBK Electronics in Russia. "BitTorrent technology has options for many of the different types of devices in our product portfolio. We're pleased this partnership will be a key component of our connected device strategy."

"Personal media files are continuing to increase in size and quality, which represents a challenge for consumers because the TV remains the preferred place for watching this content," said Shahi Ghanem, Chief Strategy Officer at BitTorrent. “BitTorrent Certified devices enable consumers to watch their high-quality content where and when they want it, regardless of size, media format or file type. We're excited to be partnering with a quality partner like BBK to serve our large user base in Russia."

The BitTorrent ecosystem is an integrated solution of peer-based technology protocols, consumer software, and consumer electronics devices all orchestrated to help over 150 million users move their personal media from their PCs into the living room. BitTorrent Certification enables consumer electronics manufacturers to leverage the speed of the BitTorrent protocol and key downloading, transcoding, sharing and media-shifting features. The result is that their devices will seamlessly play BitTorrent content using a simple 10 foot user interface controlled by 4 or 7 button remotes for TVs, BD/DVD players, set top boxes, network addressable storage media adapters and more.

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About BBK
BBK Electronics is a home audio and video electronics manufacturer, widely known in Russia and CIS countries. The main advantages of BBK products are modern design and functionality, reliability and affordable price. BBK products are being developed specially for Russian and CIS consumers. Currently, the BBK product line represents almost all the devices needed to create a home entertainment video system, including LED TVs (with built-in multiformat HD-mediaplayer or DVD-player), HD-players (networked HDTV media players), digital DVB-T receivers, soundbars, audio systems, etc. More information is available at

About BitTorrent
BitTorrent is one of the world's leading peer-based technology companies. The company invented the BitTorrent protocol and related peer-to-peer technologies which make up a globally recognized ecosystem of technology protocols, consumer software, and consumer electronics devices that help people find, share and move digital media. BitTorrent's technologies are used by hundreds of millions of people around the world and drive between 20% and 40% of global Internet traffic. BitTorrent is based in San Francisco and has offices in Tokyo, Seoul, Krakow and Minsk. Please visit for more information.