Download for CE

The world's number one BitTorrent® client built into your device delivers what consumers are
looking for: the content they want, right now.

The Power of BitTorrent® in Your Device

DOWNLOAD embeds the BitTorrent® client directly inside a device, giving that device the capability to download content directly from the Internet, no PC required. Products with DOWNLOAD bring the BitTorrent® experience right into the living room, home theater, or bedroom. By incorporating BitTorrent® technologies into their devices, consumer electronics manufacturers open up their devices to accessing the full range of digital content from the Internet.


BitTorrent®-powered downloads

DOWNLOAD for CE devices are able to download content directly from the Internet using the BitTorrent® protocol. The DOWNLOAD engine powers BitTorrent® and µTorrent®, the world’s most popular, most advanced, and most accepted BitTorrent® clients. DOWNLOAD delivers advanced protocol technologies such as RSS, uTP, DHT, PEX, LSD and magnet link support. Optimized for embedded systems, DOWNLOAD delivers best-in-class performance with the least CPU and memory impact. DOWNLOAD for CE is ideally suited for digital video recorders, televisions, set-top-boxes, media extenders, and network-attached storage – anything with local mass storage and a network port.

Powered by BitTorrent® and µTorrent®

170 million content enthusiasts around the world use BitTorrent® software for an average of 4 hours per month. This means there is a huge demand from consumers for the BitTorrent® experience in consumer electronics devices. DOWNLOAD for CE allows this large and important user base to extend their experience beyond the PC and access their world of content right in their living room.

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