Location of Downloaded Files

  • Put new downloads in specifies the default location that the contents of newly added torrent jobs will be downloaded to.
    • Always show dialog on manual add tells BitTorrent to display the Add New Torrent dialog even if a default download location is. If left unchecked, BitTorrent automatically sets the download location to the specified location and adds the torrent job to the torrent jobs list accordingly, without user intervention.
  • Move completed downloads to specifies the location that torrent contents that have finished downloading should be moved to. Files are moved immediately after the torrent job finishes downloading and the files are written to disk.
    • Append the torrent's label will add the torrent job's label to the path that the torrent contents are moved to after they finish downloading.
    • Only move from the default download directory tells BitTorrent to move torrent contents only if it was saved to the directory specified under "Put new downloads in". If that option wasn't set, this option should be left disabled.

Location of .torrents

  • Store .torrents in sets the location that BitTorrent should save .torrent files to. By default, BitTorrent will save these files to the settings directory.
  • Move .torrents for finished jobs to moves .torrent files to the specified location after it is completed. By default, these files remain in the same location that they were first copied to.
  • Automatically load .torrents in directory tells BitTorrent to check the specified directory every second for new new .torrent files, and automatically load them. Note that the directory specified here must be different from the directories specified in the .torrent storage settings, otherwise, you will run into problems with .torrent files looking like they're missing to BitTorrent.
    • Delete loaded .torrents tells BitTorrent to delete the .torrent file when it is auto-loaded. Normally, if this option is not checked, BitTorrent appends .loaded to the extension to indicate that it has been loaded and to prevent BitTorrent from trying to load the .torrent file again.