Does BitTorrent have an endgame mode?

Yes, BitTorrent automatically enters endgame mode when the pieces remaining are all being actively downloaded. During endgame mode, BitTorrent requests each remaining piece from multiple peers instead of requesting each piece from a single peer. This mode helps make getting the last pieces of the torrent contents take much less time than it normally would.

Does BitTorrent have Unicode support?

Yes, BitTorrent supports Unicode.

Does BitTorrent support HTTPS or UDP trackers?

Yes, BitTorrent supports HTTPS (SSL) for both trackers and RSS feeds. UDP trackers are supported as well.

Does BitTorrent support magnet URIs?

Yes, BitTorrent can use and create magnet URIs compatible with the Azureus magnet URI implementation. BitTorrent can generate magnet URIs for any torrent job, and magnet URIs can be opened from the Add Torrent from URL dialog. Metadata regarding the torrent contents are obtained from other peers that support the feature.

Does BitTorrent support multi-scrape?

Yes, BitTorrent supports multi-scrape and uses it when bt.multiscrape is enabled. It automatically detects trackers that do not support multi-scrape and falls back to single-scrape mode for those trackers.

Does BitTorrent support multi-tracker .torrent files?

Yes, BitTorrent supports multi-tracker .torrent files. BitTorrent announces to all tracker tiers simultaneously, but only one tracker per tier. To see all the trackers in the .torernt file, simply check the torrent job's Properties. To learn more about multi-tracker specification, check the multitracker specifications at Depthstrike.com's wiki.

Does BitTorrent support trackerless .torrent files?

Yes, BitTorrent supports trackerless .torrent files. The built-in .torrent file creator can also create trackerless .torrent files.

Does BitTorrent support UNC-style paths or network drives?

Yes, BitTorrent supports UNC-style paths (like \\C$\). Note that there may be increased disk fragmentation when saving to a network drive, since pre-allocation of files is not possible across the network.