Control de BitTorrent

BitTorrent Control is a seamless discover and download experience baked into your browser, while your BitTorrent client takes care of your downloads behind the scenes. Control allows you to search the web, easily manage multiple clients from any computer, and much more. And, BitTorrent Control is sponsored by our search partners and supports our ongoing innovation.

Configure BitTorrent Control.

Para la instalación inicial, asegúrese de que BitTorrent Control y el cliente de BitTorrent están instalados y en ejecución en el mismo equipo.

Once installed:
In BitTorrent Control, select the BitTorrent menu in the toolbar and click “Allow” to allow BitTorrent Control to access your BitTorrent client.

Agregue, elimine y gestione torrents.

Add a torrent
Find the torrent you want to download. Right-click on the link to the torrent and select “Copy link location”. Click the plus (+) symbol in the BitTorrent Control toolbar, paste the URL in the Add Torrent box, and click “Add”.

Remove a torrent
In BitTorrent Control, click on the X next to any torrent to remove it from the client.

Want to see your torrent list?
Click on the down-facing arrow to expand your torrent list.

Obtenga más rendimiento con BitTorrent Control.

Puede iniciar y cerrar sesión con varias cuentas.

To disconnect BitTorrent Control
In BitTorrent Control, select the BitTorrent menu in the toolbar and click the X next to the computer you want to disconnect from BitTorrent Control.

Want more functionality?
Click on the BitTorrent Icon to access our full web remote.