Main Menus

The main menus are where you'll find many of the other facilities included in BitTorrent, such as the Preferences, or the RSS Downloader.


  • Add Torrent... Ctrl+O prompts you for the location of the .torrent file that you are trying to open on disk. If you set a default download location, the torrent job will automatically be added to the torrent jobs list and started (if you did not set BitTorrent to start torrent jobs in stopped mode). If you did not set a default download location, you will be prompted where you would like to save the torrent contents, with the Add New Torrent dialog being shown by default.
  • Add Torrent (no default save)... Ctrl+D does the same thing as Add Torrent, but will always ask you where you'd like to save the torrent contents, regardless of whether you have a default download location set or not.
  • Add Torrent from URL... Ctrl+U allows you to open a .torrent file directly from URL without having saved the it to your hard disk. Depending on the method used by the website for authenticating users (if any), the URL may have to be entered in a specific format. Magnet URIs may be used here, and BitTorrent will attempt to download the info dictionary from the corresponding .torrent file from any other client that also supports the URI scheme.
  • Add RSS Feed... opens up the Add RSS Feed dialog, where you can add RSS feeds for BitTorrent to monitor.
  • Create New Torrent... Ctrl+N lets you create .torrent files that you can use to share your data with other people.
  • Exit does just that -- it exits BitTorrent. Note that exiting BitTorrent automatically sends a stop signal to trackers, so you do not have to stop all torrent jobs before exiting. Torrent jobs that are not stopped will automatically be started when BitTorrent is next opened. Even after exiting, the BitTorrent process might continue to run for a while longer. This happens because BitTorrent is trying to finish transferring pieces and write remaining pieces to disk from memory. The process should disappear after a few seconds.