About BitTorrent

Company Overview

BitTorrent Inc. is an Internet technology company based in San Francisco. We design distributed technologies that scale efficiently, keep intelligence at the edge, and keep creators and consumers in control of their content and data. More than 170 million people use our products every month. Our protocols move as much as 40% of the world's Internet traffic on a daily basis.

Our mission is to build a better Internet. To work with people, industries and nations to create better ways to move information. Better ways for creators to make money. New ways for fans to engage, on their terms. Ways to sustain the stuff we share. The Internet promised us this much. And we promise to make good on it.

We believe in an Internet of options, not rules.

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BitTorrent DNA

BitTorrent DNA is a disruptively effective content delivery technology. It significantly reduces bandwidth costs for popular files while dramatically improving the performance and scalability of websites. BitTorrent DNA enables websites to seamlessly add the speed and efficiency of patented BitTorrent technology to their current content delivery infrastructure, requiring no changes to their current Content Delivery Network (CDN) or hardware in the origin infrastructure. Businesses can benefit from the efficiencies of peer-assisted content delivery while improving the end-user experience.

BitTorrent Device Certification

BitTorrent Certified is a program designed to meet the technology demands of smart device manufacturers.

The BitTorrent Certified program includes a Software Development Kit (SDK) for consumer electronics manufacturers; ensuring compatibility between consumer electronics products, and the BitTorrent ecosystem of services and software.

Compatible devices are eligible for the BitTorrent Certified logo endorsement, which allows manufacturers to leverage the BitTorrent brand for packaging and promotional materials.