BitTorrent Premieres Award Winning "A Lonely Place for Dying"

Critically-acclaimed film now available to an instant global audience of over 100,000,000 viewers

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., (June 30, 2011); BitTorrent Inc., a leading innovator creating advanced technologies to efficiently move large files across the Internet, and, a UK Internet distributor of independent films, today celebrated the global release of A Lonely Place for Dying, a cold war spy thriller and film festival hit. The first segment of the film is now immediately available for download by BitTorrent users everywhere.

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A Lonely Place for Dying stars Academy Award nominee James Cromwell, Michael Wincott, Michael Scovotti and Ross Marquand. The film challenges conventional wisdom by placing character development and well-crafted dialogue side-by-side with gun battles, fist fights and aerial bombing raids. It’s an art house action film and an intelligent popcorn crowd-pleaser all rolled into one motion picture. It’s what every summer movie should be; smart, fun, gripping, nail-biting and emotional. The film has been honored at festivals across the globe and praised by both critics and audiences alike. A Lonely Place for Dying has been an official selection of 38 festivals and received 45 award nominations, winning 19 including 14 as Best Picture. A complete list of awards is available here.

"We’ve received a dozen offers to release the film through traditional methods," said Justin Eugene Evans, writer/director of A Lonely Place for Dying. "However, none of the offers made sense to us financially or artistically. Every producer’s rep, sales agent and independent distributor presented us with a draconian contract. Between BitTorrent’s technology and VODO’s ability to deliver an audience we decided this was the superior path. This gives our motion picture global reach. And, VODO’s donation model is at the tipping point; with their help we’ll earn our investors just as much as we’d have received from a Los Angeles sales agent. While these experiments still raise inevitable questions about business models, one thing is sure. The platform is ready and BitTorrent has proven their intention to help."

“BitTorrent is dedicated to helping filmmakers overcome the hurdles of global content distribution. The key ingredients? The elimination of expensive infrastructure and direct access to a massive audience,” said Shahi Ghanem, chief strategist at BitTorrent. “High-quality productions like A Lonely Place for Dying are proving that BitTorrent’s 100,000,000 million user community is a viable option for building a fan base. This film is a technically masterful motion picture that puts story and character front and center. We encourage our users to download the film and support the filmmakers. A Lonely Place for Dying will keep you on the edge of your seats.”

The Story
The story is a welcome return to classic cold war spy thrillers. The year is 1972. An abandoned Mexican prison sits alone in the dusty Chihuahua desert. KGB mole Nikolai Dzerzhinsky waits for his contact from the Washington Post. Dzerzhinsky holds explosive evidence against the CIA; information he will trade for asylum in the United States. Special Agent Robert Harper must obtain this evidence and kill Dzerzhinsky or risk the end of his CIA career. As the two men hunt each other they discover that the sins from their past destined them for this deadly confrontation.

How to Download A Lonely Place for Dying:

  • Download a BitTorrent software client. Special bundles of the software and the film download are available at and
  • If you already have a BitTorrent client installed, visit for the official torrent file.
  • Existing users of the BitTorrent Mainline and uTorrent software may download the film directly in the App Studio or Find Content panels located within the software’s interface.
  • Connect with filmmakers through the film’s website, Facebook page and on Twitter. Donate to the filmmakers here.

BitTorrent has worked with a variety of filmmakers, musicians and authors over the past year, experimenting with new ways to help distribute films using the company’s powerful peer-to-peer technology. Artist Spotlights to date include: The Tunnel, Sick of Sarah (album), Pioneer One, Zenith, Captive (novel) The Yes Men Fix the World, Four Eyed Monsters, PAZ, and Beyond the Game. Endorsed content creations are also distributed in the App Studio via catalogue apps from VODO, Bands Under the Radar, BAMM.TV, TEDtalks, Khan Academy, ClearBits and more.

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