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BitTorrent releases Surf, an in-browser torrent client for Chrome
The Verge - Jan 11

BitTorrent Launches Both Rebranding Campaign & BeamItOver Facebook Filesharing
Hypebot - Dec 24

Can BitTorrent Go Legit with the Entertainment Business?
PBS MediaShift - Dec 13

BitTorrent Plans To Expand in 2013
Complex - Dec 2

BitTorrent’s Plan for 2013? Go Legit
The New York Times/Bits Blog - Nov 30

Thanks to BitTorrent, The 4-Hour Chef goes from being boycotted by Barnes and Noble to a bestseller
The Next Web - Nov 30

Editorial: Legal torrent sites are innovators of media consumption
Engadget - Nov 28

BitTorrent’s Matt Mason On Rethinking The Music Industry Business Model: ‘The Hustle Is Changing’
TechCrunch - Nov 25

With Amazon Publishing Stonewalled By Retailers, Tim Ferriss Taps BitTorrent To Market His New Book
TechCrunch - Nov 16

Willis Earl Beal’s New EP Released Via BitTorrent
MTV Hive - Oct 3

uTorrent Launches Android App, Ushering In Torrent Downloads Directly To Phones, Tablets
International Business Times - Sept 6

Internet Archive serves up 1.4 million BitTorrent downloads
The Register - Aug 8

Internet Archive adds 1 million-plus torrent files for free movies and other media
MSNBC - Aug 8

Internet Archive adds 1,000,000 legal files to the world's store of BitTorrents
BoingBoing - Aug 7

File sharing firm BitTorrent and DJ Shadow team up to make money
LATimes - July 24

BitTorrent Torque alpha puts file seeds on the web, makes desktop apps look stale
Engadget - July 7

How The Counting Crows Learned To Stop Worrying and Love BitTorrent
Forbes - May 14

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