The First Scalable Decentralized Storage System

A Foundational Platform for Decentralized Applications


BTFS Soter is a charging service gateway based on the TRON Protocol and BTFS cluster. Users can access the BTFS network via the Soter gateway. The target audience for BTFS Soter are developers familiar with HTTP APIs and network development.

The five components of the BTFS ecosystem

The BTFS Ecosystem Will Have Five Components

The BTFS network is the next generation of decentralized storage systems.

TRON network is one of the most important blockchain & DApp platforms in the world.

The BitTorrent network brings with it 100 million decentralized users via the wide array of client products.

TronGrid services one of the most important gateways connecting the components of the ecosystem.

Finally, BTT will introduce native token economics into the BTFS ecosystem, ensuring a fair, useful, and efficient system.


Traditional file storage systems have many inherent disadvantages, such as centralized trust, overarching control by a single authority or organization, ability of governments to impose censorship, high cost, lock-in effect, and low fault tolerance.

!00M BitTorrent User Nodes
1000+ TRON Full Nodes
27 SR Nodes

BTFS Roadmap

BTFS RoadmapBTFS Mobile Roadmap

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