µTorrent Mac 1.0 Stable Release

We are excited to release the first stable version of µTorrent Mac 1.0 to the world today.  With this release we are bringing the same engine that powers our popular µTorrent for Windows client to the Mac OSX platform. Our native cocoa client was built to the same design principles:  lightweight, feature rich and fast. It contains all the protocol enhancements µTorrent is known for, including DHT, PEX, Protocol Encryption and the new uTP transport – while delivering fast downloads in a simple, resource friendly package.

It has been a long road to get to a stable µTorrent for Mac – beginning almost three years ago. A big thank you goes to the thousands of alpha and beta testers who have helped us improve the client.  We are certainly not done yet, though. Feature parity is the goal for all of our consumer clients, and we are well on our way with this release.  If you’re interested in helping shape the future of the Mac client, we invite you to participate in our forums; submit ideas to the Idea Bank; and try out our next beta.

– Simon –

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