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Free Torrent Clients for Windows

Our free torrent software for Windows is ideal for new and experienced torrenters. Learn more about our web and desktop torrent clients to decide which is best for you.

Download the most trusted web torrent client for Windows. BitTorrent Web is a simple online torrent client that makes it easy to download and play torrents inside your favorite browser. BitTorrent Web is the best product to stream torrent files.

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Get the original BitTorrent desktop app for Windows. BitTorrent Classic is ideal for fast, bulk torrent downloading and comes with advanced customization for experts that want the most out of a torrent desktop app.

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Premium Windows Torrent Downloaders

Our premium Windows torrent downloaders are packed with features to help you download safely and with fewer distractions. Eliminate ads, automatically scan for malware and viruses, convert files and more with our premium torrent clients for Windows.

BitTorrent Web Pro
30% Off  $19.95 Buy Now

Download and stream torrent files in a few steps, all within your favorite browser. Pro includes automatic protection from threats to keep your PC safe and a safe torrent scanner that provides helpful torrent info, including file size, resolution, seeds and number of leeches.

BitTorrent Web Pro+VPN
30% Off  $69.95 Buy Now

Enjoy all the features of BitTorrent Web Pro including one-year of CyberGhost VPN on up to 5 devices. This premium VPN helps you prevent online tracking, be more private online, and protect your wifi connection.

BitTorrent Classic Pro
30% Off  $19.95 Buy Now

Pro takes the best BitTorrent desktop app and adds several features including automatic protection from malware and viruses, no advertisements, a media player, and a built-in file converter.

BitTorrent Classic Ad-Free
$4.95 Buy Now

Download your favorite BitTorrent desktop app for Windows without ads or distractions. This lightweight torrent client for Windows helps you download torrents in bulk, use a scheduler to download later, automatically download from RSS feeds, assign more bandwidth to specific torrents to download faster, and much more.

BitTorrent Classic Pro+VPN
30% Off  $69.95 Buy Now

Enjoy all the features of the popular BitTorrent Classic Pro torrent client for Windows, including one-year of CyberGhost VPN on up to 5 devices. CyberGhost enables you to prevent online tracking, protect your wifi connection, and be more private online.

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