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BitTorrent Classic Torrent Desktop App Features.

Download torrents in bulk

The lightweight BitTorrent client serves as a bulk torrent downloader to help you to download dozens of files simultaneously.

Assign priority to speed up downloads

Downloading more than one torrent? Allocate more bandwidth to a specific torrent to download it faster.

Save network resources

Set download/upload speed limits to free up network resources for other tasks.

Avoid slow downloads

Quickly check the health of a torrent's swarm before starting and during a download.

Manage torrents remotely

Use the remote feature to add torrents from BitTorrent Android or through a browser on any device.

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Schedule for when it’s convenient

Use a scheduler to specify the times of day when to download or seed using your torrent program.


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Be Anonymous
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  • Includes all Pro features
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Secure Torrenting
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  • Streamlined torrenting
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*Available in BitTorrent Classic only.

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Get the original desktop torrent app for experienced users.
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