About BitTorrent

BitTorrent Limited is the company behind the largest decentralized P2P communications protocol for distributing data and large files over the Internet. When the BitTorrent protocol was introduced, it transformed the world of file sharing by speeding up downloads for both individual users and organizations needing to transfer large amounts of data. Before BitTorrent, file downloads were initiated from a centralized server or a single user (a peer), resulting in slow download speeds. The BitTorrent protocol addressed this limitation by enabling the download and upload of files between many users. Millions of users began to use the BitTorrent protocol to download and share files, and companies began to use the protocol to distribute data more efficiently. Today, the BitTorrent protocol powers a significant percentage of the world’s Internet traffic each day. It isn’t just the largest Peer-to-Peer network, it’s the foundation of Web3, and one of the Internet’s largest global communities. Proof that the technology is more relevant than ever, robust, and now driven by the power of blockchain.

Currently, the company develops products across two brands, BitTorrent (https://www.bittorrent.com) and µTorrent (https://www.utorrent.com), which offer popular torrent download clients for Windows, Mac and Android. The applications have been downloaded over 2 billion times. In the Summer of 2019, the company introduced blockchain into its applications by releasing BitTorrent Speed, a feature that introduced the use of a utility token, BitTorrent Token (BTT), into the BitTorrent ecosystem. BitTorrent Speed automatically bids tokens to other users to help drive faster download speeds and a healthier BitTorrent protocol overall. It was the first implementation of blockchain inside the BitTorrent ecosystem, and one of the first mass adoption use cases of blockchain.

Today, the company is working on the next generation of torrent products to vastly simplify the experience and make it easier than ever to stream and download torrents. It also continues to work on enhancements to BitTorrent Speed, including giving users more control of how they use BTT for faster download speeds. Other initiatives that leverage both the BitTorrent protocol and BTT are also well into development. BitTorrent File System (BTFS) will pave the way for a fully decentralized file storage system. BTFS enables distributed file storage that is free from a centralized platform. Powered by BTT and the TRON blockchain, “Hosts” can rent their hard drive space to receive BTT, while “Renters” can use BTT to purchase decentralized storage space.

The company is on a fast track to expand the use cases of its decentralized protocols by creating the next generation of live streaming technology. It will reshape the industry landscape by utilizing the company’s robust global P2P network to connect content creators directly to their audience without needing a centralized platform.

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