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Buy BitTorrent Web Pro content displayed pursuant to license.

BitTorrent Web Pro

Try our most popular premium web torrent client and keep your PC safe. A safe torrent scanner automatically checks torrents for threats before you download, as well as displays helpful info while you search to find the right torrent: file size, resolution, and number of seeds and leeches. Pro includes access to premium customer support.

BitTorrent Web Pro+VPN

Get all Pro features, as well as a 1-year subscription to CyberGhost VPN. Includes built-in threat protection to keep your torrent downloads clean and a utility displays helpful info when you search for torrents: file size, resolution, and number of seeds and leeches. Get VPN on up to 5 devices to protect your online identity and safeguard your personal data from hackers.


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Online Privacy
per year
  • Includes all Pro features
  • 1-year of CyberGhost VPN
  • Privacy on up to 5 devices
  • Prevent online tracking
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Secure Torrenting
per year
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  • Security: block threats
  • Works with any search engine
  • Displays helpful torrent info:+ File size+ Resolution+ Seeds & leeches
  • Premium customer support
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No Distractions
per year
  • Use less bandwidth
  • Streamlined torrenting
  • Premium Support

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Free Online Torrent App
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  • Original, best torrenting app
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BitTorrent Tips for Safely Downloading Torrents

Avoid or bypass
unsafe websites
Just like browsing the internet in general, many sites are known to distribute malware and viruses. Therefore, it’s not surprising that some sites that host torrent files are not safe. There are a few ways to avoid malicious sites and safely download torrents. First, it’s helpful if you can avoid these sites entirely. Luckily, our Pro version includes a safe torrent scanner that helps you do just that. The utility turns BitTorrent Web Pro into a safer torrent program by not only bypassing potentially malicious sites, but by scanning torrent files before you download when using the BitTorrent Web online torrent client.
How to avoid viruses
in your torrent
The best way to avoid viruses in your torrent downloads is to bypass visiting malicious websites. If you have BitTorrent Web Pro, it includes a premium utility that jumps into action when you search for a torrent on a search engine like Google or Yahoo. The utility displays real torrent links grabbed from those results, and you can download torrents from within the utility instead of visiting potentially harmful websites. As a second layer of protection, the utility checks each file for threats, ensuring they are safe when using BitTorrent Web as an online torrent downloader.

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