Check out our Improvements to the New BitTorrent Help Center!

Thanks to your valuable feedback, we have upgraded our Help Center to provide users and customers with a more seamless experience. The Help Center allows you to receive help across the entire suite of BitTorrent and µTorrent products and is available here.

What’s New?

Re-designed home page
Refined the Help Center homepage to make it easier to find help for each BitTorrent and µTorrent product.

Adaptive search bar
Type in relevant questions or topics in the search bar and we’ll help provide smart recommendations to help find the answers you need.

Access to the latest product guides and releases
Get access to quick start guides, release notes, and announcements to get up to speed with our products.

Premium access for Pro, Pro+VPN, and Ad-Free users
Quickly manage your subscription, recover your license key, or receive invoice and purchase information. Pro, Pro+VPN and Ad-Free users receive faster response rates!

In addition to the new features, we have refined the look and feel of the Help Center to make it easier to find help articles for all BitTorrent and µTorrent products. If you still need help and are looking to contact us, you can create a ticket here. For faster response times, we encourage you to purchase one of our Pro products: BitTorrent Classic, BitTorrent Web, µTorrent Classic, and µTorrent Web

From everyone on the BitTorrent Customer Support Team, we look forward to better serving you as we expand our customer support efforts going into 2023!

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