It’s That Donatey Time of Year: Help the Internet Archive, EFF + More

It’s that time of the year (y’know, when you throw money at 501c3s to reduce your tax burden). Internet Archive has a generous donor pledging 3x whatever people donate until 12/31, so donating $1 turns into $4 of storage space. IA is kind of a big deal, and is also constantly in need of more funds, so this is a great opportunity.

And while we’re at it, here are some more tech orgs that are trying to keep the Internet awesome.

EFF — The Electronic Frontier Foundation is dedicated to making sure we have rights online, just like offline

ibiblio — Providing web hosting for all sorts of great nonprofits

(If you ever used SunSITE or metalab to download Linux, you have ibiblio to thank. ibiblio’s also doing some neat stuff with torrent hosting at

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