Friday Download: Fugazi

During an era littered with bloated hair bands charging increasingly higher prices for tickets to see arena concerts, Fugazi emerged from the underground Hardcore scene as a form of protest. They insisted no one pay more than five dollars at the door and that no one be denied entry. That’s right. Affordable shows for all ages. That’s fucking democracy. That’s making music for the people.

Led by frontman Ian MacKaye, the godfather of straight edge and a true DIY pioneer, Fugazi forged an eclectic style that evolved over their active period from 1987 – 2003. They chose their own path. They turned downed big dollars from the record industry in favor of making a living on the road and on their own terms. And they made a lasting impact: on bands that would follow with more commercial interests, and on those that remain spiritual heirs of the aesthetic, like Ratking.

In today’s Friday Download: three live Fugazi shows from These span their early to middle period, and include a classic 1988 set from the legendary 9:30 Club in their native Washington, DC.

Friday Download: Fugazi

9:30 Club / Washington, DC / 1988
Irving Plaza / New York, NY / 1995
Electric Factory / Philadelphia / 1997

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