Plain White T’s X BitTorrent: 5 Days Until The Giving Tree Video Premiere

Plain White T's
Plain White T’s just announced new tour dates. You can see them here. And one week from today, you’ll be able to see them right here. The band is premiering their new video, The Giving Tree, as a BitTorrent Bundle. The song about love lost became singer/guitarist Tim Lopez’s passion project. A chance encounter with award-winning director and cinematographer Jason Koenig made it more. The resulting video is a beautifully-told story about transformation. In five days, we’re making the gift of The Giving Tree free for all.

My favorite contribution on the upcoming album is a song called The Giving Tree. We shot the video in Seattle with director Jason Koenig, and now we’re releasing it for free to fans through BitTorrent, along with our new Giving Tree t-shirt. Hope you all enjoy it!

Tim Lopez, Plain White T’s

Tune in next Tuesday at 4PM PST to download the Plain White T’s Bundle, and unlock The Giving Tree: the video world premiere, behind-the-scenes film content, a live performance from the band, and more.

(Can’t wait? Get The Giving Tree on iTunes.)

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