Lee “Scratch” Perry Reveals New Track on BitTorrent Bundle

The reggae legend debuts the unreleased Clams Casino-produced track, “Jesus Is A Soul Man”, plus new footage from The Upsetter documentary.

Lee Perry’s career spans fifty years; the birth of reggae, and the birth of dub. He produced The Wailers. He produced the Heptones. He produced the Congos. He stands 4’11”. He leaves a long shadow.

This is my movie and this is the truth.
Lee “Scratch” Perry

Filmmakers Ethan Higbee and Adam Bhala Lough spent seven years documenting the strange world of Scratch Perry; and another three self-distributing the film to over 80 theaters across the globe. Their film, The Upsetter, narrated by Academy Award-winning actor Benicio Del Toro, is Scratch’s story, his footage, and his words: an uncommon look at one of music’s (maybe last) true eccentrics and agitators. (It’s also “the best film ever,” according to Lil B. So.)

The Upsetter is one of the greatest music documentaries ever made, and deserves to be seen by the widest audience possible.
Scott Vener, CEO, Musaic

In partnership with the filmmakers, we’re releasing a documentary Bundle dedicated to preserving Perry’s work: in video, in art, and in sound.

BitTorrent Bundle inspires artists, filmmakers, and musicians to get creative and share. This film will inspire you to get creative, smoke a joint, make some art or music, and share it all too.
Adam Bhala Lough, Producer/Director, The Upsetter

Each download includes a never-before-heard song, “Jesus Is A Soul Man”, produced by Clams Casino. Stories kept in common are stories kept alive. So share them.

BitTorrent Bundle X The Upsetter

01 “Jesus Is A Soul Man” prod. by Clams Casino (Music)
02 The Upsetter: Trailer (Video)
03 The Upsetter: Deleted Scene (Video)
04 The Upsetter: Unreleased Footage (4 Videos)
05 The Upsetter: Photos & Posters (Art)


BitTorrent-The Upsetter 1

Words with Adam Bhala Lough and Ethan Higbee: On Telling the Story of Lee “Scratch” Perry

BitTorrent: Perry is in his seventies. He’s still on stage. He’s still sampled. How has he lasted, and outlasted, the music industry? What’s his legacy?

Adam Bhala Lough: He’s lasted thanks to the support of his fans and his own superior righteousness. He’s outlasted the music industry with truth, which he wields as a sword. His legacy is as one of the most creative and inspiring human beings to ever walk this earth.

BitTorrent: This isn’t a third-person account or talking-head piece. What was behind the approach you took with this doc?

ABL: We just wanted to let Lee talk. The only voice that complimented his was the voice of Benicio Del Toro, and obviously the voices of the singers on the tracks you hear in the movie like Junior Murvin, Bob Marley, Paul McCartney, Joe Strummer, and the Beasties.

BitTorrent: You struggled for seven years to get this film made. You worked for three more years to get it produced. Why was this story so important for you to share?

ABL: Because ultimately it’s the story of a great man who inspired generations but wasn’t getting the credit he deserved. We filmmakers have a responsibility to tell those stories.

Ethan is currently working on a feature documentary on Lil B, and Adam is filming an experimental project with Hot Sugar. Previously they collaborated on The Carter, a documentary on Lil Wayne that Adam shot and directed and Ethan composed the score for.

BitTorrent-The Upsetter-5

Jesus is a Soul Man

Lyrics by Lee “Scratch” Perry

Yes yes yes when Jesus is in the mix everything is perfect
Without Jesus in the mix nothing is perfect
When Jesus Christ is in the mix all things are possible
When Jesus Christ is not in the mix nothing is possible
You hear me?
Do you understand?
Jesus is a soul man
Jesus is a soul man, got the music in his soul
Got the music in his soul
Got the music in his soul

The Globe on my head
The World on my head
The Universe on my head
The Equator on my head
The Stars on my head
The Moon on my head
And the Sun on my head

And don’t you touch my head and get me red or I kill you dead
Love me and live
Hate me and don’t live
Okay that’s all I got to give, thank you!

Jesus is a soul man, got the music in his soul
Got the music in his soul
Got the music in his soul

Who never grow old?
I never grow old
Never sell my soul for silver and gold
I am one God and one Aim and one Destiny, okay?

Jesus is a soul man, got the music in his soul
Got the music in his soul
It is I!
It is I!
Got the music in his soul

BitTorrent-The Upsetter-3

About BitTorrent Bundle

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