Asking Alexandria to Release Live From Brixton and Beyond as a BitTorrent Bundle

A first look at the Asking Alexandria BitTorrent Bundle out December 15th.

Too much of rock follows a formula. But bands like Asking Alexandria have made their mark, on their own terms: with a furious brand of heavy metal that would have made the 80s Sunset Strip proud. To cap off a year of touring in support of their 2013 hit album From Death to Destiny, the band has announced their debut DVD release Live From Brixton and Beyond.

“Sumerian Records is excited to team up with BitTorrent Bundle to allow all the content available on the Asking Alexandria physical DVD to be packaged digitally online, where other outlets were unavailable to offer the same service. More importantly, BitTorrent taking positive steps to help both musicians and labels monetize their art in such a turbulent time in the music biz is both admirable and exciting. They take a small fee for their services and are very favorable to those on the creative side. I’m excited to see what the future holds for Sumerian and BitTorrent Bundle.” – Ash Avildsen, President, Sumerian Records

The 2-disc DVD set will include the band’s sold-out Brixton ‘02 Academy show from London, England, a “Reckless Halloween” show live from The Wiltern, an exclusive all-access mini documentary, and the full collection official Asking Alexandria music videos. The DVD set will be available at the Asking Alexandria webstore and through other major retailers. The band is making the full digital collection with additional exclusive content available only as a BitTorrent Bundle, joining the ranks of Thom Yorke and Diplo as the most recent artists to embrace BitTorrent’s direct-to-fan paygated Bundles.


Mark your calendars. Asking Alexandria’s Live From Brixton and Beyond Bundle will be available on December 15th.

Asking Alexandria: ‘Live From Brixton and Beyond’ BitTorrent Bundle

Instant Download
01 ‘Welcome’ – Live From Brixton and Beyond [Video]
02 ‘Closure’ – The Wiltern ‘Reckless Halloween’ Show [Video]
03 ‘Moving On’ – Music Video [Video]
04 Live From Brixton High Res Artwork [Art]
05 Behind the Scenes Photos by Ann Buster [Photos]

Paygate Unlock
01 ‘Live From Brixton and Beyond’ [Video]
02 Brixton and Beyond: Behind the Scenes [Video]
03 ‘A Reckless Halloween’ Bonus Concert [Video]
04 Asking Alexandria Music Video Catalog [Video]
05 Handwritten Note from Ben Bruce [Art]

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