Staff Picks: Jurassic 5

The legendary hip-hop co-op brings their first single in eight years to BitTorrent Bundle.

“It’s like front and center for those who don’t get it, we hit it and stay committed, the sky is the limit.”

So starts Jurassic 5’s latest single The Way We Do It, their first official release since the 2008 LP Feedback. Back like they never left, the revered Southern California underground hip hop crew delivers just as the title implies. Supported by DJ elite DJ Nu-Mark and Cut Chemist, emcees Chali 2na, Soup, Marc 7, and Akil relentlessly drop bar after bar in true J5 machine-gun fashion, showing no signs of weakness after a seven-year hiatus.

Unlock the Bundle and kick off your new year with some real hip hop for the soul.

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