Why Don’t You Watch This Totally Obscure, 8 1/2 –Hour Long Slovenian Political Chamber Drama?

Some people might have you think that film, as a viable form of both art and entertainment, is dead. Though we may read dirge after dirge, I’ll ask that you not believe all that bullshit. There are plenty of good, unique, and truly original films out there.

Yes, without naming names, there is a glut of shit clogging up the marketplace, but all that does is put the onus on viewers like you to seek out the truly special films that, against all odds, still get made. It would be selfish of me to use this space to only plug the marvels – like The Fits or Embrace of the Serpent – that I’m affiliated with, so I’ll just throw down for Victoria, for its technical marvelousness; the wonderful, just-released in the U.S. Chevalier (there’re cocks on the poster); the criminally-underseen A Hard Day (seek this one out); and for some homegrown, horrific fun, either The Witch or Green Room.

Obviously, everything is relative and there’s a good chance you’ve heard of those last two, but maybe not the others. It’s tough and expensive to talk to you, but we, the people bringing you these movies, do the best we can. Sometimes, we have help from others and hope that you’re not turned off by the fact that it’s long, and dense, and maybe not formatted that much because there’s good content in there and it’s worth your time. And sometimes we don’t have that help. Sometimes we have to rely on you to do your research and be daring and take a chance on something that maybe you haven’t heard of in lieu of watching Another Fucking Spiderman Movie.

Luckily, we exist in an age where there are more ways to see movies than ever before. I like to think everyone wants to see all of our films on the big screen, but now, sometimes that big screen is in your living room and then other times that big screen is actually 4.5 inches on the diagonal. But regardless of all that, you have at your fingertips more options for what to watch than ever before. What you don’t have is more hours in the day. So I hope you’ll use them wisely; watch that movie made by that starving artist cause it might be good. And you know who probably doesn’t need your money? Michael Bay. Even though this movie rocks.

Also, see Donald Cried. You can thank me later.


Hell to the Yeah, Dan. BitTorrent couldn’t be prouder to release thirteen uniquely masterful films brought to you by Oscilloscope Laboratories and you get to decide what to pay for each film. Featured in their unique channel are critically acclaimed documentaries with hours of exclusive bonus clips (such as “These Birds Walk” – an intimate look at the lives of young Pakistani runaways which is as visually compelling as it is emotionally riveting and “12 O’Clock Boys,” an award-winning, fast riding tale about a notorious urban dirt bike pack in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland).

Or … Marc Singer’s festival favorite “Dark Days” — which garnished not one but three (yes three) awards at the Sundance Film Festival, including the Audience Award for it’s cinematic portrait of the community living in the NYC subway tunnels. We especially love the featurette where Marc and designer Jay Hillyer breakdown the iconic title sequence.

What are you waiting for, people? Michael Bay’s mortgage is paid for.

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