BitTorrent Now is Available on All Apple Platforms

BitTorrent Now, our direct-to-fan streaming app, is now available on both Apple TV and iOS. For the first time, fans can stream music and film from independent artists to all their devices in the Apple ecosystem.

Apple TV offers a great platform to kick back and watch some of the awesome shorts BitTorrent has available from filmmakers including The Onion, Super Deluxe, and IHEARTCOMIX. With BitTorrent Now, fans can find films from artists they love on their iPhone during their commute and then favorite to stream later on the couch in front of their Apple TV. They’ll also have the ability to follow artists they love, create playlists, and see what’s trending on social or in the BitTorrent community.

If you’ve got an Apple TV, search for BitTorrent Now in the App Store — or if you don’t have Now yet on your phone, use the badge below to get it on iOS.

BitTorrent Now on iOS

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