Crytek releases free-to-play Warface Bundle

The German video game house brings its free-to-play FPS to Bundles For more than a decade, Crytek has built a solid reputation for bringing action-packed battles to gamers in a sleek, high-definition package. Starting with the original Far Cry and continuing through the Crysis series and Ryse, Son of Rome, Crytek’s signature graphics engine, the…


David Cross’ Directorial Debut, HITS, to Premiere as Pay-What-You-Want BitTorrent Bundle

Fans set the price of the first BitTorrent feature film release. HITS, written and directed by David Cross, debuted at Sundance Film Festival in January 2014: a dark comedy about fame and delusion in The United States of YouTube, a true story that hasn’t happened yet. (But, pretty much inevitably, will.)


Staff Picks: Jurassic 5

The legendary hip-hop co-op brings their first single in eight years to BitTorrent Bundle.


Friday Download: Seven Artists To Watch in 2015

From New Zealand to New Orleans, check out BitTorrent Bundle’s seven artists to watch in 2015.


Staff Picks: The Service Company

A year-end compilation to power your New Year’s Eve playlist from The Service Company.


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