Weekly Roundup Plus the Best Free Things on the Internet


This week, we got a visit from the Total Disruption crew (more to come, shortly, on the work we did with those fine folks) and listened to a Bob Dylan classic filtered through computer equipment. We also signed up for the free webcast of Future of Music Coalition’s Summit happening this coming Tuesday. In-depth discussions on how the…


Weekly Roundup Plus the Best Free Things on the Internet


This week, we talked to Mario Estrada about what makes for beautiful UI design, and what artists should be doing online. We welcomed decorative gourd season with this. And we’re standing with our Mo Bros. Get involved. Best weekend ever. Kick it off with three of the best free things on the Internet.


Weekly Roundup Plus the Best Free Things on the Internet


This week, we talked to An Nguyen: our favorite engineer/autocross racer/video game designer (and felt decidedly less badass by comparison). We stayed up late on Thursday night learning how to solder and got a surprise visit from legendary sound engineer Young Guru the following day. Finally, it was nice for us to see Humble Bundle raise +1.7MM for independent authors. Happy weekend….


Weekly Roundup and The Best Free Stuff on the Internet


We kicked the week off with a nice lil’ infographic illustrating how BitTorrent + The Internet Archive offer up more licensed and legal content than Hulu, Netflix, and Vudu…combined. See it for yourself. Also, there was a Palooza at our offices where our Engineers hacked on ideas that’ll help shape the future of what we’re doing….

Weekly Roundup Plus the Best Free Things on the Internet


This week was quite eventful. We attended SF MusicTech Summit where our own panelist, Matt Mason, had the quote of the day: “Data is the new hustle.” Read the entire recap, here. We also caught up with another member of our team, Yuri Cárdenas, who, as Senior Producer for Interactive Media, is responsible for making…


Weekly Roundup + The Three Best Free Things on the Internet


This week, we said “hi” to October. We took an outsider artist’s practice of gifting CDRs, and made it digital by working with Chicago artist Willis Earl Beal to create a new BitTorrent Bundle: a 5-track EP featuring music from his upcoming film Principles of a Protagonist. (Get it here.) We also introduced the world to Aaron Cohen,…

What’s New Plus Highlights from the Internet Archive for the Week of 9/24/12


We’re back with another weekly recap. It’s been an eventful week, to say the least. If you haven’t yet read more about how you can help with the Internet Radio Fairness Act, read this short post to get the details. We also sat down with the guy who invented the BitTorrent protocol (i.e. the reason…


Support the Internet Radio Fairness Act


This past Friday, lawmakers introduced the Internet Radio Fairness Act to the House of Representatives. This bill calls for a shift from the crippling “willing buyer, willing seller” standard of royalty rates, which currently apply to online music services including Pandora and iHeartRadio, to a reasonable calculation that is used for more traditional formats including…


What’s New Plus Highlights from the Internet Archive for the Week of 9/10/12


It’s been another eventful week here in BitTorrent land…as per usual. While we found some more interesting content for you, courtesy of the Internet Archive, we also launched a new initiative.


Highlights from the Internet Archive for the Week of 9/3/12


September is already here. Where did the year go? While some of you are winding down from a nice and relaxing summer, ours is just starting. Say what? Here in San Francisco, we statistically have the nicest weather during this month.


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