Installing BitTorrent Surf on Windows 8

Thanks to everyone who’s tried BitTorrent Surf Alpha for all the early input and great feedback. We’re already hard at work addressing some of your questions. First up: Windows 8. Windows 8 restricts NPA APIs from being installed. However, BitTorrent Surf will work with Windows 8. Here’s what you need to do:


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Our first full week back at work. Everything’s CHANGED. In-browser discovery and downloads with our brand-new Surf Alpha. Qualcomm, not Microsoft, keynoted CES and it was a wonder to behold. 4K became the new 3D. Then 8K became the new 4K. 3 Kickstarter films were nominated for Oscars. The human body got hacked. Online courses hit record enrollments. Extraordinary is the new ordinary. Game on.


Friday Download: Certain Freedoms

Certain things we take for granted. Certain things we can’t, anymore. Our world; our world wide web, remains challenged by issues of fragmentation and censorship. Our challenge, the one facing each and every one of us, as people of the Internet, remains: how do we hardcode these certain things, these certain freedoms, into our shared…


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[vimeo https://vimeo.com/54882144] Welcome to 2013. They said this was the future. We said we’re not quite ready yet. Procrastinate with us? There’s the art of the old media caption, meta-captured. There are the over 100 online sources for free and legal music curated by Largehearted Boy. There’s the next decade of big/open/networked, from the brains at O’Reilly Radar. There’s some good news…


Saturday Download: Our 2012 Holiday Movie Picks

What’s your favorite galactic holiday special?


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