Morgan Page X BitTorrent Bundle: Against the World

GRAMMY-nominated producer Morgan Page teams with DTS HEADPHONES and WAVES to drop exclusive content and a fan contest in the Against the World Bundle. Morgan Page has found himself at the top of the electronic music world. Armed with a deft production hand and a undeniable sense of melody, Page has quickly become one of…


A Peek Into Palooza

Every two months, BitTorrent holds an internal hackathon we call a Palooza. Projects are presented. People vote. Great ideas are born. We present this month’s report.


How to Save Indie Film Distribution: An Interview With Drafthouse Films

A short interview with Evan Husney. 2014 started with a referendum on the indie film industry. The New York Times called for an end to overproduction. Salon called independent film America’s next Wal-Mart. The problem with the movies in the digital age, we’re increasingly told, is that there are too many of them. It sounds…


Staff Pick: Earphunk

Staff Picks is dedicated to surfacing the best music, film, and art downloads on the Internet; digitally handmade by BitTorrent Publishers. Read on for this week’s finds. In this edition of Staff Picks: a New Orleans quintet selling out clubs and theaters across the US. Earphunk is rooted in the Crescent City, a city responsible for…


BitTorrent Bundle Hits 100 Million Downloads and Streams

In May 2013, we introduced an Alpha experiment in digital publishing. As of today, we’ve delivered more than one hundred million Bundles to fans.


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