Introducing Apps for µTorrent

Today, we are very excited to unveil Apps for µTorrent as part of a new project codenamed Griffin. Apps for µTorrent is a brand new web-based extensions framework that makes it easy for users to get more and do more with µTorrent without compromising the client’s renowned lightness and speed. Moreover, it also makes it easy for publishers to incorporate content and services into a simple user experience that integrates seamlessly with the client.

With Apps, users can browse and download content without ever leaving the client, while also having the option to add powerful extended features like virus scanning or browser-based control. The best part is that Apps for µTorrent opens up the platform for 3rd party developers to add popular and useful features that can be built with standard web technologies and distributed as simple downloadable files, which can be added or removed from µTorrent as easily as a torrent file can be.

Working closely with partners we have already developed several free apps that are available to users to try immediately. These include:

– VirusGuard for BitTorrent – A free virus scanner powered by BitDefender that provides a critical layer of protection without wasting resources on a full disk scan;
– Raptr Free Games –  Easy browsing and downloading of the world’s most popular free-to-play games;
– VODO – Discover great, free movies from creators who WANT to share their work;
µGadget – Monitor and control torrent downloads more easily from your browser and add torrents with one click.

This project was born out of a desire to extend the client’s features while keeping it as lean as possible. Apps are a new type of file with a .btapp suffix that consists entirely of HTML and Javascript and can be added to the client and displayed using an embedded browser window, so very little extra code is needed. Additionally, the web-based extensions framework allows for easy extensibility by 3rd party developers through a simple API, so they can access all the functionality of the client and offer a simple and more integrated way for consumers to find and download different types of content as well as integrate with external programs that add new functionality.

The Griffin Project is being launched as part of our larger portfolio of projects that we are calling µTorrent Labs, which exposes users to very early versions of new projects we are working on. µTorrent Labs is also a way for us to include users in our research and development process by giving them a voice to tell us what they like and what features that they would like see in future iterations. Remember, these products are experimental so there may be some bumps along the way. Enjoy, and we look forward to your feedback!


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