Introducing µTorrent Web for iPhone

In our ever-connected world, users want the ability to control their torrents on the go anytime, anywhere. So, in a continued effort to make our products more accessible we are introducing µTorrent Web for iPhone. While µTorrent Web is currently only available as part of our experimental Project Falcon software, we continue to fill out the feature set prior to a large-scale rollout. With today’s introduction, users can now control their torrents from any computer or iPhone via their web browser.

In essence, µTorrent Web for iPhone is a mobile website that allows users to remotely access and control the µTorrent client that is installed on their computer. Before users can employ it on their iPhones they will need to make sure that they have the latest µTorrent client from Project Falcon installed on their computers, which can be found here: (The site also provides detailed instructions about how to download the client and setup remote access.)

After installing the software on a laptop or desktop computer and enabling µTorrent Web remote access, users should point their iPhone web browser to At that point, they will be prompted to input their username and password and choose if they want to bookmark the application and add it to their home screen. In doing so, they will add an icon to their iPhone similar to if they had downloaded an app from the App Store. In addition to bookmarking the page, it is also recommended that users check “stay signed in” to ensure quick and easy accessibility in the future.

It is also worth noting that the mobile version offers the same privacy and zero-configuration secure web-access to uTorrent that users would get if you were signing on remotely via a PC. So, users can rest assured that no information about their µTorrent usage is ever exposed to BitTorrent Inc. or any third parties. (Read more about our privacy architecture.)

We are very excited about giving users remote access via their iPhones, and believe this is an important function to continue to make the µTorrent user experience even better.

– Simon –

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