µTorrent 3.0 alpha and More Apps!

Recently, we rolled out µTorrent 3.0 alpha, which merged together the Falcon 2.1 and the Apps being introduced in our Griffin project into a single build. (To read the full list of upgrades, check out our forum.) So, what does that all mean? Now in one client users can enjoy:

– µTorrent Web allows you to enjoy ultra-secure remote web access through a simple web service where you can manage your torrent clients from anywhere on the Internet via a web browser on a PC or an iPhone.
– BitTorrent streaming provides you with more of a point-click-watch experience by allowing you to start watching content before the download has completed.
– Apps for µTorrent provides web-based extensions, which gives you the option to add a wide array of new functionality and services via Apps without compromising the renowned lightness of the µTorrent client.

We are also very excited to be releasing some additional Apps that are now available for download from within the client. As before, all Apps are completely optional, so you can choose to add only the ones you like in order to keep your client as lightweight as possible. The new Apps now available for download include:

TuneUp is a plug-in for iTunes and Windows Media Player that helps clean up your mislabeled songs in your playlist – this version includes special BitTorrent support too.
– Outspark offers free massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG).
µBrowse is a search tool that allows you to easily locate downloaded files from within your client.
ClearBits distributes high quality, Creative-Commons-licensed digital media, datasets, and artwork for Content Creators.
Tetronimoes is our version of a popular geometric shape game to pass the time while you are waiting for your downloads to complete.

Apps for µTorrent is something that we continue to work on internally. Stay tuned for more announcements around Apps.

– Simon –

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