Announcing Apps for µTorrent Developers Challenge and SDK

Apps for µTorrent is something that we are really passionate about. For us, it is a natural and important evolution of µTorrent. It is a way for users to create a personalized experience by adding Apps that offer new features and services that are important to them – without compromising the lightness that they have come to love with µTorrent.

Another important component of Apps for µTorrent is the developer community. Apps that inspire new and innovative uses of µTorrent – built by developers – are an important part of our vision. With that said, we are happy to announce the first ever Developers Challenge. Starting today developers worldwide are encouraged to create Apps that will highlight new use cases and redefine how µTorrent is being used.

The contest will run from Monday, July 12, 2010 until Friday, August 13, 2010. (The contest rules and overview can be found here.) For the purposes of the Developers Challenge, Apps will be judged on the following criteria:

– Originality and innovation – new and creative applied uses of µTorrent and the BitTorrent protocol
– Quality of product, visual and user experience – application design that showcases great interaction and visual design
– Product or service appeal – the appeal your application has to the overall µTorrent community
– Technical expertise – how well the product functions based on its overall usage description

We have already had a number of organizations integrate with us and create Apps for µTorrent including VODO, TuneUp, Outspark, Clearbits, Raptr and BitDefender. Check them out – they may serve as a source of inspiration.

Today, we are also announcing the general availability of Apps for BitTorrent SDK, a software development kit (SDK) designed to allow developers a simple way to incorporate content and services into a simple user experience that integrates seamlessly with µTorrent. The SDK also includes a collection of tools, libraries and documentation to make the process of creating, authoring and testing apps as easy as possible. The ecosystem will be completely open, so anyone will be able to create and distribute an App.

We look forward to your feedback on our SDK as well as all the exciting App submissions!


Get the SDK
Apps Online Forum
Learn more and enter the challenge

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