Announcing μTorrent With App Studio and New Feature Film ‘Four Eyed Monsters’

We first introduced apps in a µTorrent beta this past spring. Since then, thanks to the feedback and assistance of our user community, the product has gone through several iterations and upgrades. Now we are ready to launch the App Studio as a full feature to the entire µTorrent user base.

We will always strive to maintain the lightweight and fast attributes of µTorrent. With the App Studio, we can introduce new features and direct access to unique content on an individual basis. You choose only the features and content you want, and we keep the core µTorrent as fast and powerful as ever.

The App Studio enables one-click downloads and new features right inside µTorrent. Looking for interesting content? Try TEDTalks, films from VODO, and music from ClearBits. Other popular apps include social media/sharing features like TorrentTweet and utility apps TuneUp and BitDefender’s VirusGuard and games from Raptr and Outspark. 

Also, to celebrate this release and continue with the artists experiments, we have teamed up with VODO again to release ‘Four Eyed Monsters,’ an award winning docudrama that chronicles the relationship of a couple who meet on the Internet and fall in love through emails, notes, videos and pictures, to users as a free download. There’s a custom app in the App Studio, which makes it easy to download the film and gives you background information, access to social media profiles, images and a link to support the creators. We are also offering it with all new downloads of µTorrent for the next few days.

The creators of Four Eyed Monsters are the latest to embrace the BitTorrent and μTorrent distribution channel as part of an effort to reach our community of over 80+ million users, and experiment with new digital business models. This is part of our broader effort to bridge the gap between content creators and our community through the App Studio and other promotions. In case you missed it, in September we announced a Feature Artist Pilot Program, which encourages musicians and filmmakers to submit creative works for the chance to be spotlighted to millions of BitTorrent users around the world. Stay tuned for more great launches!

The updated version of μTorrent is more flexible and powerful than ever and includes several feature enhancements, including full support for μTP, an upgraded lightweight BitTorrent protocol, transport and congestion control support; improved magnet link handling; file relocation features; advanced proxy privacy features; and many more. Check out the other cool new features in the new μTorrent here.

We hope you enjoy the App Studio, and stay tuned for more exciting movies and music to come out of out Artist Program in the next several months! Are you a developer with JavaScript skills? We welcome your apps…get the SDK here.

And if you happen to be at NewTeeVee Live today, please drop by our table and say hello. Bram Cohen, chief scientist, and Shahi Ghanem, our new chief strategist and EVP of marketing, will be on stage talking about the future of BitTorrent. Big day for us…more news coming soon!

– Brett –

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