What’s Happening at µTorrent
uTorrent's Pimp Cup

You have chosen...wisely

Missed us? Of course you did. Here’s what we’ve been up to for the past few weeks:

µTorrent’s Virtual VIP Room

The µTorrent community on Facebook is like an online version of a swanky VIP club, but with fewer Cuban cigars and more photos of our lunches. You no longer have to wonder about what µTorrent team members are eating. We take photos of our triple-decker burgers stuffed with cheesy fries, so you don’t have to. Isn’t the Internet awesome? Between the burger photos, you’ll also find sparkling conversation with other esteemed members of the µTorrent community, inside info from our team here in San Francisco, exclusive content downloads and never before seen pictures of the bedazzled µTorrent pimp cup (no, you can’t have it, and yes, drinking out of it is better than bottle service).

The Future of Music

Counting CrowsSo you’re a Counting Crows fan? You own all their CDs and dressed up as Adam Duritz for Halloween? That’s cool (and creepy). Did you know that the legendary band released a BitTorrent Bundle containing four tracks, hi-res album artwork and liner notes for their latest album Underwater Sunshine exclusively through us? True story bro. You can read all about it on Mashable and GigaOm.

Crank it up to 11: Upgrade to µTorrent Plus

What would happen if you took the tiny-yet-mighty µTorrent and made it even smarter? We figured it would result in either a powerful premium upgrade or the birth of Skynet. We took that gamble and so far no robots have visited us from the future and tried to kill us (yet). We are proud to introduce: µTorrent Plus. It has a premium player that supports multiple formats and a file converter that converts content to play back on multiple devices. It also allows remote access to your files and has built-in anti-virus protection.

Have an Idea for µTorrent?

Have you ever called a company to leave feedback and got stuck on hold for an hour listening to Kenny G on repeat?  Annoying right?  We really value user feedback, so we set up a website where you can quickly submit and vote on user suggestions. No smooth jazz required.

Share your opinions here.

That’s all we have for now. Tune in for more (frequent) updates from us. Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a burger that is just screaming to have its photo taken.

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