Win a Limited-edition µTorrent Shirt

dj shadow bittorrent bundle

As promised, we’re giving away the ten limited-edition µTorrent t-shirts we have left in our office. How do you win one? Make sure you read these handy contest rules and then proceed.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, by now, you’ve already seen what our µTorrent t-shirts look like. Now, we’re taking this back to Tumblr where we encourage you to Reblog the following post and, while you’re at it, download some amazing tracks from the legendary DJ Shadow. Even cooler than getting all this for free? How about the fact that every time someone downloads the media player, chock full of awesome digital goods, the artist gets paid? That’s right. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Anywho, here’s that link to the Tumblr post:


That’s it, and if you’re super cool, you’ll spread the word to your friends by tweeting the photo out to your friends (you can do that now).

Repin to Win

There’s always amazing stuff to be discovered on Pinterest. Don’t believe us? Check out this out. Wouldn’t make a bad birthday cake. We also created a Green Superheroes board you might enjoy. But, before you get sucked into a hole, make sure you Repin the following image and follow us on Pinterest. A limited-edition T-shirt could easily be yours.

Reblog to Win

Tumblr is our favorite place to find cool stuff from around the web and the best thing about it is you can reblog and share some of your favorite pictures, quotes, posts, and whatever else suits you. Case in point, below. Make sure you follow us as on Tumblr if you haven’t yet:


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