The Making of a New Media Model

Today, Pioneer One, an original made for BitTorrent series, will debut on (a BitTorrent Inc. partner). For those who are using Apps for µTorrent (or Project Griffin), the show can be downloaded from within the client via the VODO app. Also, for a limited time starting today, the pilot will be available with all fresh downloads of the µTorrent client.

Its creators, Josh Bernhard and Bracey Smith, are interested in making quality entertainment for large audiences outside the traditional network media business model. To accomplish this goal they are leveraging proven distribution channels on the Internet like BitTorrent to connect them with viewers. Such a release is significant because it highlights a shift in how content creators and publishers are reaching their audiences. At a time when the Internet has essentially driven media distribution costs to zero, BitTorrent provides an effective and flexible way to reach a large audience and can easily scale to meet demand.

This is part of the broader story of empowerment provided by the Internet to content creators. It is an example of creative new approaches where making money from rich media will not rely so heavily on holding media under lock and key. Content creators and publishers developing business models that are native to the digital domain are finding ways to build value that take advantage of all the strengths of the Internet. BitTorrent Inc. is working with partners like VODO to allow independent filmmakers to tune into the distribution potential of BitTorrent to reach millions of people within communities that might otherwise be inaccessible.

We are excited about the potential of new media models, and the opportunities they can generate for content creators and publishers who are looking to reach the masses. We believe that our work with partners like VODO will help broaden how content creators look at distribution and revenue models. We look forward to working with new partners, and are already working with a range of other organizations in ways that promise to contribute to their own digital native business models.

– Simon –

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