Use BitTorrent 24/7 with Buffalo NAS

Ever put off that Torrent download because you and your laptop had somewhere else to be?  What if you had an always-on device to do your torrenting; manage your media; and stream it throughout your house?  Oh yeah, and what if it was nearly silent and used less power than your desk lamp?  Sound cool?  Well, the new line of Buffalo Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices running BitTorrent Embedded makes it possible in a powerful, convenient and affordable package.

Our embedded licensing program enables hardware makers to integrate BitTorrent technologies into their products to manage content delivery, optimize networking and open their products to the global BitTorrent consumer ecosystem. In partnership with Buffalo Technologies, a provider of networking, storage, multimedia and memory solutions, we are launching the newest version of our BitTorrent Embedded SDK client. Version 3.0 unveils the full power of the world’s most popular BitTorrent clients to low-power embedded Linux devices.

Users of µTorrent will find the experience with BitTorrent Embedded familiar – starting with the user interface.  The new Buffalo products all feature the same web based UI that ships with µTorrent for Windows.  This fast, full featured interface gives you complete control of your downloads and access to a host of new features.  Under the covers this new version also features native support for µTP, our new upgraded transport protocol that dynamically controls BitTorrent’s bandwidth usage to keep from congesting your home connection. µTP is a must have feature for an always on device.  Buffalo’s NAS devices with BitTorrent also feature:

– Super low power consumption – starting at 24 Watts (varies depending on model)

– Activity scheduler to control torrent operation and accommodate variable bandwidth usage schemes

– Bandwidth cap to limit torrent downloads for users subject to ISP imposed data plan limits

– DLNA certified server to stream media directly to compatible gaming consoles, set-top-boxes and TVs

– Remote access to user files through the service

We are excited that consumers can now enjoy a full PC like BitTorrent experience on a tiny, energy conserving and affordable device.  This new client comes pre-installed on the following new Buffalo Technology LinkStation and Terrastation products: LS-XHL, LS-WXL, LS-WSXL, TS-XL, TS-RXL, TX-WX, TS-XEL, TS-XHL, and is available as a free upgrade for existing owners of these models.

Learn more about the new devices at and get your own today!

– Brett –

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