Khan Academy Education Videos Arrive in the App Studio

Imagine an organization with one mission – to provide a world-class education, for free, to anyone, anywhere. Now imagine having instant access to all that knowledge directly in your BitTorrent or uTorrent client.  

Today we launched a brand-new app in collaboration with Khan Academy, a renowned not-for-profit organization fulfilling the mission of global education through video classes. We are extremely honored to support their vision.

The Khan Academy exemplifies the type of content creators for whom we built the App Studio – independent artists looking to build relationships with our global community of over 100 million users. With the Khan Academy, we have the added bonus of helping to promote a worthy cause through technology innovation.

There are over 2,000 videos in the collection covering high school and college level curriculum. Check out just a sample of some of the cool classes available to you:

  • – Introduction to Evolution and Natural Selection
  • – Introduction to the Atom
  • – Algebra: Solving Inequalities
  • – Scale of the Galaxy
  • – History of the French Revolution

The free app is now available in our BitTorrent App Studio, located in both the BitTorrent and µTorrent clients. Once installed, you may directly access and share free downloads of any of the Khan Academy video lessons.

Khan Academy is committed to helping people learn and there are many ways you can help Khan Academy with their global vision.

  • – Donate! They do it for free so even a little means a lot. You can donate to Khan Academy directly from the App or via the Khan Academy donation site.
  • – Connect: Check out Khan Academy here and you can also stay informed through their Facebook page.
  • – Share: Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your entire social network. Digg it. Stumble it. IM it. You get the idea…

For additional details about our partnership with Khan Academy, please see our press release. Enjoy the new app and stay tuned; many more exciting releases are on the way!

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