New Sick of Sarah Album Rocks the App Studio!

It’s time to set aside the sentimental Valentines Day tunes…today belongs to Sick of Sarah, an audacious all-girl punk band rocking heavy guitar riffs and smart lyrics. Why today? Because they just released their new album (called “2205”) directly to you – the BitTorrent community – at no charge! Go download it in the App Studio (found in your BitTorrent Mainline and µTorrent software interface) – it’s awesome.

It’s also a bold move, and we think it’s very very smart. 

In a digital age where change is inevitable, we honor those artists who take risks, and want to help them thrive. Sick of Sarah, the Adamant-labeled indie band, is looking to experiment with new models of online content distribution and we see them as true innovators. Fans now largely discover music online, so Sick of Sarah is coming to them.

Jamie Holm, Sick of Sarah’s bassist, put it best. “Imagine exposure to the same number of people as a Super Bowl ad. While album sales will remain a critical element of success, we also believe BitTorrent will help us drive new fans to live concerts and purchase our merchandise.“

Sick of Sarah’s progressive approach is inspiring to artists and one of the main reasons we created our App Studio to begin with – to help connect creators to their fans.  Sick of Sarah is our first label-backed BitTorrent release, and we are excited for more to come! You all have been very enthusiastic about our spotlight artists thus far, and we hope you enjoy Sick of Sarah’s new album.

Sick of Sarah has included the full album download plus liner notes, tour dates and links to the band’s Facebook and Twitter pages within the app. “Like” them, go see their shows etc.

And while the album is free, there are many ways to support Sick of Sarah and their efforts to innovate alongside BitTorrent. Spread the word to your friends and support their efforts via donations, especially if you dig the album.


PS – For more information about Sick of Sarah’s BitTorrent launch, please read our press release.

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