Project Chrysalis Update: Alpha Arrives
Did something new just appear in the forums? 
Yes! We just posted the very first build of the new BitTorrent client (codename Project Chrysalis). It’s our first preview version, an alpha test build. We posted it because we’re asking for your help.

Chrysalis is a major change for BitTorrent – a metamorphosis of features and style. The goal is make downloading torrents easier, intuitive and more streamlined, while retaining all of the power and sophistication you currently enjoy at the core. While this first version is intended to testing and vetting the overhauled user interface, more features are coming soon. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you love testing brand-new software and don’t mind testing an English version in a Windows environment (running IE 8), please give us a hand in polishing the final product. Download it today.
More details are available in the new BitTorrent forum. We appreciate all the feedback.

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