R&D Live Streaming Test Friday

If you’re hanging out and want to be a part of something very cool tomorrow, well then we might have your Friday night ticket. We’re suiting up for an early R&D technology test, which is open to anyone interested in helping us move our Live Streaming technology forward. Join us and our BitTorrent live testing community at 5PM PDT this Friday (10/14) for an online show featuring San Francisco’s popular DJ/Producer Janaka Selekta.

Imagine a place where Indian classical folk traditions collide into the fringes of electronic music. Where the laid back space of dub reggae meets the energy of bass rattling dancefloors. This is the contoured landscape San Francisco based DJ and Producer Janaka Selecta evokes with his debut album, Pushing Air, out on the new label Chaiwalla Boombox on July 6, 2010.

To catch the show, check in here by 5PM PDT this Friday: live.bittorrent.com.

Hope you can make it. And stay tuned for more live tests.

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