Indie Artist’s Documentary Debuts on BitTorrent

Documentary filmmaker and guerrilla artist JaGoFF is kicking off an ongoing effort with BitTorrent today, and we’re very excited to work with them to support independent artists.

The first release is a compelling and humorous documentary chronicling a grassroots campaign to preserve the rights for independent artists to promote live shows in Chicago. “The Chicago Promoters’ Ordinance Kills Independent Music” raises awareness around laws that effect local arts and music communities.

You can download the torrent here, or visit the Featured Content page.

The film follows JaGoFF as they galvanize the independent community armed with a simple camera, a stack of flyers and a role of tape. Their street actions, comedy and honest assessment of the independent artistic community changes the way people think about government’s role in free expression.

This film is about opening the conversation with the greater artistic community and building on each other’s strength and knowledge as a collective unit of independent artists that support each other. At BitTorrent, we love to bring the positive message to the independent film and music community that one artist can make a difference and be successful while adhering to a grassroots philosophy.

“We are thrilled to be working directly with BitTorrent. It’s a natural, no-brainer distribution choice and fits exactly into the do-it-yourself message that we have been evangelizing for the last decade and a half, ” said JaGoFF.

“While much of our evangelism has traditionally been focused on the greater independent artist community, in 2008 the battle hit us in our own backyard (via the Chicago Promoters’ Ordinance – LINK). Ironically, when the Promoters’ Ordinance was introduced, we were taking part in a study w/ Hank Perritt for the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, in an attempt to figure out the best way to retain our artists, rather than have them leave town to achieve greater success elsewhere.“

If you’re interested in JaGoFF’s efforts on behalf of independent artists, you can download “The Chicago Promoters’ Ordinance Kills Independent Music,” free today directly within your client or by clicking here. Want to support them? Donate to the filmmakers through Kickstarter here:

You can also check out these sites for more information about JaGoFF:

Official Site:






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