Kicking Off Live Testing of – Help Seed at 4 p.m. PT?

One of our favorite tech channels on the Internet is Leo Laporte’s The shows are funny, smart, and the commentators always have a unique opinion on all the happenings in tech-land. It’s watercooler fodder for us geeky types.

So when the contacted us a couple of weeks ago about Bram’s live streaming technology and offered to help us test it, we were beyond thrilled. We love our weekly Friday night DJ-hosted BitTorrent Live Studio sessions (don’t forget this Friday at 8 p.m. PT), but testing the technology with an audience like watchers are incredibly tech savvy, vocal, and they can really help us push the limits of this breakthrough technology. Huge.

This is all still very much in the early stages, but we’d love your help. This afternoon, we’re kicking off an initial “test-before-the-test” with one channel. In a nutshell, we need to know if the technology will scale smoothly enough to start integrating and testing the protocol across multiple channels/shows for TWiT.

Will you do us a favor and help seed? You can log in here. The feed’s going to be rolling 24/7, but our goal is to get a few thousand people to join simultaneously…so we need a bunch of people to join at once. If you join at 4 p.m. PT today, you may just win one of five µTorrent Plus licenses ($24.95 value) – just launched yesterday! Make sure you not only log into the stream but onto the BitTorrent Live chat for your chance…

Thank you all in advance for the help, and a big thanks to for the support!

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