The Pioneer One Finale is HERE!

It’s been an incredible journey. From progressive P2P experiment to massive global online success, Pioneer One is finally wrapping up.

Today is the launch of Pioneer One Episode 6: War of the World. (Download the episode or the entire series here.)

We’re definitely feeling a sense of nostalgia here at BitTorrent. All the credit and our infinite respect go to filmmakers Josh Bernhard and Bracey Smith and to Jamie King at VODO for his tireless efforts. We are extremely proud to have offered promotional support for such a worthy venture. Pioneer One was one of our original Spotlight Artist ventures, before we even formally created the program.

When we partnered with VODO and released the first Pioneer One episode last June, we had no idea how popular the made-for-torrent sci-fi series would be. Today, as we help unveil the much anticipated six and final episode to our users, the Pioneer One series has collectively been downloaded over 3.5 million times and raised almost 100,000 in fan donations. Want to express your thanks to the filmmakers? Donate here

“War of the Worlds” begins as Taylor prepares to go to the public with Yuri’s story, and everyone discovers the consequences of their actions in this wrenching finale to the heart-stopping series. What will happen? You will just have to watch and see! We know we can’t wait to find out.

Congratulations to the entire team at Pioneer One and VODO for all of your success, and a huge THANK YOU for believing in the BitTorrent community. Your efforts have opened new doors for independent filmmakers everywhere. A toast to you.

– All your fans here at BitTorrent

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