Other Worlds Collection of Sci-Fi Shorts is Here!

Today, in partnership with our friends at VODO, we welcome you to first edition of Other Worlds– our newest Featured Content offering to our BitTorrent audience. Download here!

Other Worlds is a collection of HD Sci-Fi short films brought together by VODO’s own curators. These seven slices of heaven bring talent from award winning filmmaker and effects guru Grzegor Jonkaty grim and Nikita Ovsyanniko to name a few.

With the finale release of Pioneer One behind us, we think it is a fantastic time to offer BitTorrent users another series new sci-fci series. The first installment of Other Worlds includes:

  • The Third Letter (Grzegor Jonkatys)
  • Perspective (Mehment Can Kocak)
  • The Return of John Frum (Christian Sschlaeffer)
  • Candy (Nikita Ovsyannikov)
  • Dimentional Meltdown (Ofer Pedut)
  • Kitty-Kitty (Michael Medalgia)
  • ITD (Framescape)

You can check out more information and download all Other Worlds shorts here.

And remember if you like what you see support the artists who support BitTorrent by donating here (even a little means a lot!).

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