Kick Off the Holiday in the BitTorrent Live Studio w/ Vitamin Devo and VJ Musashii

Kick off your holiday weekend with some awesome music from the Live studio!  This week’s BitTorrent Live Studio session featuring the talented and unique sounds of Vitamin Devo and VJ Musashii.  Join us tomorrow night (Friday, December 23rd) at 8:00 PM PT (4:00AM GMT) at!

What’s the purpose behind our Live studio? It’s twofold. One, we are testing scaleabiity of BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen’s new live peer-to-peer streaming protocol. It’s an amazing technology that has the potential to transform live streaming of video over the Internet. By joining the test (and providing feedback!), you have a chance to be a play a role in a breakthrough technology.

Second, we are big fans and supporters of indie music, and many of us here at BT HQ in San Francisco are also fans of EDM music. It’s a perfect fit…we get to test the protocol and support artists, and you have a chance to tune in to a great show every week, from anywhere in the world.

Check out the event invite for more info and we will see you Friday!

About Vitamin Devo
VITAMINDEVO has been dropping his original acid techno flavored tracks up and down the west coast of California, collecting a following everywhere he goes. With loads of original music, remix’s and exclusives VITAMINDEVO really Brings It ON! And if you dig his music and you happen to live in the Boise Idaho area, go see Vitamin Devo LIVE on New Years Eve at NYE PUNKS N PIN-UPS.

VJ Musashii
Musashii(Chris Crismond) is a 3d artist, animator, coder, and performer. Once he put the swords down and picked up an Edirol he started to melt the fabric of space and time. He is currently working on Kinect based interactive projects, projection mapping using TouchDesigner, as well as constantly honing his 3d skills. Musashii’s sets range towards the dark, abstract and technical, melding many different layers into a tempo synched feast for the eyes.

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