Direct from the future – WAY TOO SICK arrives on BitTorrent

This just in from the future, a musical chronicle of NCB’s epic relocation to the greatest city mankind has ever seen – San Francisco. Out today, WAY TOO SICK brings you some wild new sounds of new wave, folk-tech and dragon slaying metal as a featured artist bundle. You can also grab the torrent here.

You may be asking yourself, “What the heck is WAY TOO SICK”? We think it’s time you found out. Claiming to come from the future, the new record label positions itself as an entity, aware of the trends that lie ahead, while providing a discerning voice, critical of what it sees as the tired clichés of the current era. “Music from the future” is their tag line. It’s promise: a selection of music–true to its timeless roots–ironically positioned against the ever-changing landscape and context of today’s popular music.

Is it electronic? Alt-rock? Folk-tech? Rap?? Does it matter? The fact that it might be hard to pin down is what makes artists like NCB and DOT BOMB so awesome. Perhaps the only conclusion is that the shape-shifting pastiche will likely leave you wondering what will come next. And we at BitTorrent are extremely excited to be working with them.

When asked “why BitTorrent?,” WAY TOO SICK artist and co-founder, NCB simply exclaimed, “What we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE about BitTorrent is that we can put together a collection of curated items and share it with as many people in the world as we want. The fact that the media is infinitely scalable, yet remains a finite collection that’s originally curated by us, makes us totally into using it as the primary means of distributing our art.”

Take a look at WAY TOO SICK’s featured page here to find out more info, download the bundle and immerse yourself in the sounds of the future.

Inside the bundle you will find cool things like:

  • New NCB LP “Fixed Noise” (Exclusively released on BitTorrent)
  • The Blissless EP by DOT BOMB
  • The epic re-release of the Sal’s Paradise RED and BLUE sessions
  • The tune “A white rabbit”  – a rap song about “The Matrix”

For more information on WAY TOO SICK check out their other sites:


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