Join Us in the BitTorrent Live Studio with DJ Dragon Fly and VJ Kai

As you have probably heard by now we are conducting live studio tests every Friday in order to improve and scale what we think will be the next generation of live streaming technology. Bram Cohen’s protocol (currently in testing phase) lets a user stream live content in real time over a peer-to-peer network with no storage and no latency. Our BitTorrent Live studio tests are done in a way to entertain our test audience with local and national well-known artists while gathering feedback we use to continuously improve.

Check out the live streaming test this Friday January 6th at 8:00 PM PT (4:00 GMT) in the BitTorrent Live Studio for a live video streaming session featuring DJ Dragon Fly and VJ Kai K4change.

For more info about BitTorrent Live and our live studio events check out our BitTorrent Live Facebook page and check out our Web site.

About the artists for Friday January 6th

DJ Dragon Fly

Tearing up the tribal vibe with a unique amalgamation of bass culture’s Dubstep, Glitch, Hard Downtempo, Breaks, House and Drum n Bass, his mixes are solidly fused to the Third World with sounds that can best be described as Transblobal Ghetto Bump

Now in his second decade on the circuit he has opened for many of dance scene’s most pioneering and resilient producers: Bassnectar, Ott, Krafty Kuts, Opiuo, Phuture Primitive, Atomic Hooligan, Tipper, Gaudi, Vibesquad, Freq Nasty, Cheb I Sabbah, Bluetech, Heavyweight Dub Champion, Random Rab, Nicodemus, Dreadzone, and many more!

SF Bay Area dance enthusiasts consistently place him in the top percentile at the DJ polls for his unique sounds, enhanced by added live percussion.

As a full time DJ, music and event producer he is found booking, producing, DJing and creating content throughout the West Coast event, festival and club scene. Look for him at Earthdance, Harmony Festival, Beloved, Mystic Garden Party, Shambala, SolFest, Techno Tribal, Bioneers, Anon Salon, Groove Garden, Symbiosis, Wanderlust, Worldly Sights & Sounds, East Bay Ecstatic Dance, Burning Man, Yoga Journal Conference, Wanderlust Festival, Beloved Festival, ANDC, Harbin Hotsprings, the West Coast yoga.

About VJ Kai

K4change (VJ Kai) is an Visual artist with a focus on live video performance and generative visual art. As a trained New Media and Video Effects, interactive softwares, as well as develops hardware solutions using Jazz Lemur multi-touch and touch OSC technology. Since 2009, he has VJed at clubs, events, and participated in festivals around the North American including Burning Man, Opulent Temple and Opel productions. His work also includes music video, art installation, stage design, video mapping, facade visual, and theater.

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