Experience the BitTorrent Live Studio Webcast With Johnny 5 and VJ Musashii

Our BitTorrent Live studio tests that run every Friday are really starting to pick up steam. The feedback we’ve had from those of you that have already joined us has been invaluable in helping us perfect the protocol, and define the future of live streaming technology. If you haven’t had a chance to become a tester it isn’t too late. Every Friday night is your chance to become a part of this one-of-a-kind experience, and hear some of the best live music around.

This week Friday, January 13th at 8:00 PM PT (4:00 GMT) we have producer and co-founder of San Francisco’s “Ritual Dubstep,” Johnny 5, webcasting from the BitTorrent Live Studio along with the extremely talented VJ Musashii.
This studio session is not to be missed. Do your ears and eyes a favor and join in!

Check out the BitTorrent Live studio Facebook page and Web site for more info and you can also RSVP to this Friday’s event here

About the Artists

Johnny 5 
If you reside in Northern California and frequent dubstep/bass music events, you almost certainly recognize the face behind the layers of wobbling bass, crunchy drums, and hypnotic melodies. An Oakland, CA resident, by way of Chicago, Johnny 5 cut his teeth as an MC and hip-hop producer in both cities, sharing stages with the likes of independent legends Typical Cats as well as major acts including Raekwon and Devin the Dude.

Upon moving to Oakland in 2005, Johnny5 began to take in the diverse, quickly evolving sounds pulsating throughout the Northern California music scene. With an already extensive background in hip-hop, reggae, and electronic music, it was only natural that Johnny would embrace the dubstep genre and begin to cultivate his own sound, taking elements from each of these musical cultures. After a series of mixes that remained vastly unheard, the world began to take notice after his first official release, “Johnny 5 Alive.”

In May of 2010 he co-founded San Francisco’s most popular dubstep weekly, “Ritual Dubstep,” every Thursday starting at Anu bar, and now residing in the catacombs at Temple night club. This event unexpectedly blossomed from a small, intimate party, featuring mainly locals, into a massive nightclub production each week – that still remains true to the gritty and grimy sounds that made the party what it is. Ritual has been honored to host international dubstep stars such as Truth (New Zealand), Ajapai (Japan), and Wedge (UK), as well as Bay Area legends including Antiserum, Matty G, and DJG.

Besides handling booking, promotion and organization for Ritual, Johnny 5 has kept busy by doing two Northwest tours (with Bay Area heavyweights Megalodon and Los Angeles DJ/producer Bodie), releasing several mixes (available at www.soundcloud.com/johnny5dubstep), and polishing up his production, both as a solo artist and as a member of the duo Splatterface (alongside Chris “Audiobomb” Rice).
With an arsenal of forthcoming original tunes, a vast collection of rare and exclusive tracks, and uncanny ability to read a crowd’s mood, Johnny 5 continues to spread his unique blend of filthy bass music styles to dance floors and festivals around the West Coast and worldwide!

VJ Musashii
Musashii (Chris Crismond) is a 3D artist, animator, coder, and performer. Once he put the swords down and picked up an Edirol, he started to melt the fabric of space and time. He is currently working on Kinect-based interactive projects, projection mapping using TouchDesigner, as well as constantly honing his 3D skills. Musashii’s sets are dark, abstract and technical, melding many different layers into a tempo-synched feast for the eyes.

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