Bray is Back with New Single and Special Live Event

Remember Bray? The San Francisco local, who first released his exclusive rock album and video bundle on BitTorrent, is back again with a new hit single “Little Black Heart” and exclusive live streaming event for this Saturday, February 11th, at 9PM PT.

You can preview and download “Little Black Heart” plus find more information about Bray and the live event here or download the torrent directly here.  Let us know what you think and we hope to see you this Saturday when Bray streams his concert as part of a special test series with BitTorrent Live. You can catch the live stream this Saturday at 9:00 PM PT here.

More About Bray

Bray’s latest album, the ten-track @mphibian, opens with the crashing-out-of-the-gate sci-fi themed “Clone Me.” It also features the anthemic insta-hit “Only The Brave,” the scintillating “Tie Me Up,” and the gripping ballad, “Long Gone” (the video has garnered 35,000 YouTube views thus far!). Nate Seltenrich of the East Bay Express describes the album as having a “straightforward hard-rock style,” with “confidence and attitude…that works.”  Tracks from Bray’s previously released studio CDs, “Independent Film’ and ‘Pins and Needles,’ have enjoyed heavy rotation on over 150 CMJ stations nationwide, charting as high as #3.  His tunes have appeared in national television shows on NBC, as well as in MTV Road Rules, VH1 Old Skool and the syndicated reality series, Bad Girls Club.

The full album and band merchandise can be purchased here.

With his fourth studio album now in production and the “Clone Me” video release coming this Saturday November 5, Bray is not an artist to miss. He’s performed to over 500,000 at SF Pride and shared stages with Slash, Scott Weiland, Joe Satriani, and members of the Doors and The Sex Pistols.  “Bray and his band blow the doors off the joint!” raves Grammy Award-winner Dr. Fink (Prince).  At a recent performance for the Grammy New Artist Showcase in San Francisco, Narada Michael Walden ran backstage immediately after Bray’s set and proclaimed him a star.

• “Bray is undefeated in the originality category.”  Zero Magazine

• “Mike Patton and Elvis Costello meeting for a Molotov, with the sharp riffs of The Killers, and theatrical shades of Bowie,” Brooke Aldridge of Pulse.

• “I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he lands a major recording contract.”  Aaron Axelson, music director of San Francisco’s leading rock station, LIVE 105.

To connect with Bray on social media and keep up-to-date on the latest news and tour dates, please visit:

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