L5: Crowd-Funded Cinematic Sci-Fi Project Debuts on BitTorrent

We love science fiction here at BitTorrent! We have been really anticipating the release of L5 – a creative and compelling story taking place on a space ship and earth 200 years into the future. Read more about L5, connect with the filmmakers and download the movie on our Featured Content page here. Or download the movie torrent directly here.

L5 is a completely crowd-funded production that delivers quality content with extremely high production value. We love the creative ways the artists are able to give BitTorrent audiences an amazing movie on such a low budget. It is no surprise these Chicago natives have been able to stretch their creative wings with not only ushering in a new renaissance of science fiction but also enabling themselves (and other artists) to fund projects in new and exciting ways.

Seeing what they have been able to do with so little, we are excited to see what can be done with even more. One goal of these artists is to build a unique production environment that will enable them to continue creating more episodes of L5, as well as other original science fiction content. The money raised will go towards seeding a brand new, cloud based production system. It will fund a proof of concept for a cloud based intelligent task management technology, in order to create a global film and visual effects production system.

We love when content creators push the envelope with art and media and invite our users to read more about their goals and help support these artists donate to their production company at Vodo.

About L5

The crew aboard the spaceship Argo has just awoken from hypersleep to a nightmare. Having spent the last twenty years searching for a new home to salvage humanity from a dying earth they return home and find something has gone terribly wrong. They have been mysteriously impelled 200 years into the future and find not a trace of any human life. The Argo’s Commander, Dr. Richard Adams is determined to find some answers and aided by the ship’s surgeon, Rod Lewis and A.I., Clarke, decides to explore the one clue to the massive floating O’Neill colony named L5. After an exploratory skiff goes missing inside the colony, Adams and Lewis venture inside themselves to find the answers they seek, nothing can prepare them for what they are about to find. L5 is a completely crowd-funded production, through the generosity of donors from sites such as kickstarter and indiegogo, the creative team of L5 has spent a year bringing the story to life.

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